Code Emu, An Origin Story

For several years I have built digital tools (SpreadsheetsScripts, re-usable code, etc.) and accumulated quite a library that really just sat gathering virtual dust in the corners of my various hard drives and cloud accounts. I gave away some copies and tried my hand at offering to customize them for business owners and project managers.

That took quite some time and energy and really didn’t deliver the results I was looking for. What I really needed was a digital marketplace. Somewhere that customers were visiting and looking for solutions to their problems. Someplace that I could display my digital wares and explain how they would benefit users without having to repeat myself over and over again.

I turned to my background with e-commerce websites and set about building my digital shop. This quickly birthed this site, CodeEmu.com. Once it was ready, I got to work posting all of my digital tools online.


About a quarter way through my catalog I had a realization. There have to be other creators in the world in search of a marketplace to sell their own tools. This could be it!

I made a hard right turn and invested in building out the features that would allow others to become vendors on Code Emu and start selling their own digital tools online. All without needing the experience in e-commerce and website construction that I had.

In short order, everything was ready to go.

Code Emu is Open for Business!

So here we are. Code Emu is open for business, ready to welcome new vendors and help them share their creations with a whole world of customers.

I welcome everyone that has something to contribute. If you’ve built a tool, a script, or even an instructional guide it has a home here on Code Emu. I’m here to help you start earning money from the work YOU’VE ALREADY DONE!

Sign up today as a vendor and let’s get your catalog set up and ready to go.

Nat Thompson
Founder – CodeEmu.com